Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A 6 Mile Excursion Along the River

 I would like to open this rendition by congratulating the strapping Flugelhorn players in Amarillo for their victorious match against Lubbock High School last week. Their Winged T formation was a beautiful combination of artistry and substance!
 Last night, after achieving limited hours of sleep and no runs on the weekend past due to a staph infection obtained by my offspring, I ventured to the Trinity River for a 6 mile run. My objective was to ensure my body was at least slightly prepared for the 6.2 mileTurkey Trot on Thursday morning. I decided that a slow pace would better serve me since this run was basically a test to find out at which mile I would be needing medical attention. It would appear that this will be at miles 2 thru 6.
 I am pleased with my decision not to run for time. My run was interrupted frequently by work issues and families of 10 that felt it proper to not move aside for sparsely clothed runners as myself. I finished in 1 hour : 8 minutes : 35 seconds with an average pace of 11:25 per mile. Also, I chose not to kick at the end of the run which will almost certainly not be the case if I am still verticle at mile 5. Unfortunately, this may not be the case since my initial course preview says that the Turkey Trot contains quite a few hills. However, my strategy is developed and it is sound. I feel the best way to enjoy the race is to visit each individual person who I see on the race course and thank them for their support. And if they have a house nearby, I will ask them if they would be so kind to let me borrow their facilities and / or couch / bed / undergarment drawer.
  No intentional runs are scheduled until the Turkey Trot. I hope to blog immediately upon the conclusion of the run if the medics will allow me to do so.  Until then, I wish all great happiness and bliss!

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