Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Tale of Bonus Miles!

With no obligations until 7:30pm, I felt it only appropriate to head to River Legacy in Ft Worth to see how the trails looked after my jobly duties were complete today. The temperature was a comfortable 86 degrees F which made me perform a mild interprative dance before the run since I remembered not so fondly of a run at this very park when the thermometer read 106 degrees earlier this very year. 20 degrees is an exciting and stimulating difference! Additionally, Daylight Savings Time is fast approaching and I fear the darkness will be quick approaching too quickly after work to do any more trail runs next week hence.
I feel obligated to also mention that I have been strength training in the wee morning hours and this morning was dedicated to heavy squats. This activity had a heavy influence on today's performance and I fear upon my waking on the morrow, the morning will be filled with various cursages and the questioning of my existence.
Human population on the trail was sparce as I began and I embarked on my objective enthusiastically with a keen eye on the available sunlight. My first mile went faster than expected but it was not soon upon its completion that my swollen quadriceps reminded me of this morning's activity. At that time, I realized that speed was not going to be an ally of mine on this run. I forged on and reminded myself that in a normal run through this darkened forest, I would only have to cover 2.6 or so miles and within 30 minutes I would be back at my vehicle heading to my domicile to prepare for the rest of the night's activities.
Evidently, the trails had been worked on since my last jaunt through them and I found new undiscovered areas to explore. Some of which had large congregations of males in them. I felt it safer to run through these areas as fast as possible (despite my increased lactic acid buildup due to this morning's heavy squats) and did not waste much mental energy debating the activities that could be taking place in the general vicinity. The extra loop I discovered, while inhabited by individuals with questionable intentions (this park does have a reputation of extracurricular male entanglements), provided a pleasant extra mile in which I considered a bonus despite my depleted quadricep's cry for stoppage.
As I lay in bed with the quivering of my quadriceps slowly ceasing, I am very pleased that I was able to get some dirt time in while I had the opportunity to do so. I shan't have the opportunity to enagage in any runs until Sunday. But I feel the rest will allow my legs a goodly chance to recover and thus I look forward to Sunday's run with great exhuberance!
And a further note: Do not eat large amounts of cheese on heavy exercise days. I have become a great friend of A & D ointment this evening....

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