Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Tale Insanity....

Since last night's run was not accomplished, and slightly inspired by my completed registration in the Ft Worth Turkey Trot that takes place on the Day of Thanksgiving, I decided to challenge myself this very eve. After work I immediately dispatched to the Trinity River Trail and embarked on a 3 mile run. After the run was complete, my plan was to go without delay to the last Flugelhorn practice of the year. Then after Flugelhornery was complete, I would embark on a 2 mile excursion to place my daily run total at 5 miles.
As I neared the practice, I discovered that neither my son nor my brother were at the practice. Thinking the easy task to perform would be to go home and focus on nutrient acquisition, I decided that a trip to the local track for a 2 mile run would be the least intelligent endeavor to complete. So obviously I went to the track.
My legs were not happy with my decision so Run # 2 was not off to a fun beginning. I decided that after 4 laps I would re-evaluate my condition and then see if a continuation was feasible. The first mile went extremely slow, but I found the pain ironically pleasurable and I as I hit the 1 mile mark, I continued running. At this point, stopping before another mile was complete would seem foolish. Thus I continued running and quite honestly, when I completed mile # 2, I felt I could have perhaps run at least another 10 yards to 1 mile. While my pace for the second run was not anything to boast about, I felt pleased that I put myself in a challenging situation and did not collapse in the process.
This night validated my reasons for running. I was able to place myself, voluntarily, in a position above my current fitness level and enjoyed the opportunity to feel some decent pain in the process. I can summarize my reasons for running by saying I run to hurt.
Tomorrow I am playing with minstrels in Frisco so no running excursions are planned. Additionally, I would like to congratulate the Wing T Formation Sandstorm in Amarillo for their competition victory tonight. From the sound of the score, their victory came with great ease. This concept of ease is something that my running is not very familiar with.
This weekend I plan to run 1 long run (by my standards) of 7.5 miles. Then a maybe a 3 mile run on Tuesday to keep me loose for my 6.1 race on Thursday morn.
I wish all a good night and I wish the good and just people of Frisco good luck with my playing tomorrow night. I hope they are patient and understanding with my musical talents!

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