Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Plan is Devised....

 With it being Election Day and Frugelhorn Practice Day yesterday, I prioritized my evening plans and journeyed to my voting site dressed as George Washingtonfirst after my workly duties were complete. To make my vote count even less, I decided to run to the polling site in honor of our great forefathers who voted before cars and hove-arounds were invented.
 It was indeed going to be a long journey to the site so I took off running attire at a steady pace cursing at the stability of my wig (or Whig). After a few paces were completed, I heard my name called out and turned around to see my patriotic son coming after me. He asked my permission to accompany me to vote even though he is not yet eligible to vote for he is 6 months too young. But his enthusiasm for witnessing the democratic process (and additionally his desire for probable extra credit for his AP US Government class) inspired me to run at a brisk pace with him trailing behind me. After our 200 yard journey to the polling site was finished, I rushed in to vote and we returned to the domicile feeling patriotic and rushed about to get to Frugelhorn practice. The young men were quite confused by my George Washington attire and asked why I was dressed as that dude on the money. I replied that for $1 I would give them an answer. Much to my surprise, my coin purse was not any heavier at the conclusion of practice.
 After practice was complete, I referenced my new running plan and was happy to see that I was scheduled for a 3 mile run. I completed that quite easily in an embarassingly slow 29 minutes and 3 seconds. From the lack of traffic, it appeared that most citizens were carefully monitoring the election results and were at home working on their excuses for not being able to vote.
 I would like to share my racing (the term "race" hardly feels apropriate considering my inadequate skills) plans for the next few months so that you, my loyal reader, will be able to share my future defeats with me. Here is a list of my future races so that you may mark your calendars enthusiatically with your quills:
 November 22nd - Ft Worth Turkey Trot 10K (dressed as pilgrim or Native American - gender       undecided)
 February 16th - Cross Timbers Trail Race @ Lake Texoma Half Marathon (dressed as cupid)
 February 23rd - Cowtown 5K in Ft Worth (attire undecided- suggestions welcome)
 March 23rd - Grasslands Trail Race in Decatur TX - despite my earlier threats, I feel it will be more entertaining to run the marathon at this race and save my first ultra race for the summer when it is warmer and potentially more fatal.
 I hope all are doing well and that this post-election day finds you in great spirits!

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