Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A River Revisited!

Since an All-Star Flugelhorney practice was scheduled at 6:30pm last night, I decided that the best chance I had to get a decent run in was to head back to the haunting Trinity River and run 3 miles. My plan worked almost to perfection and I arrived at the park @ 5:15pm. My objective was to get my run completed in 30 mimutes and then head straight to coach the young flugelhorn enthusuiasts. To my great surprise, I finished the run in 29 minutes and 33 seconds and off to Flugelhornery I went.
 Tonight there is no practice so I am going to attempt 5 miles despite my soreness from the 2 days hence. Perhaps some type of ointment rubdown will be of benefit. I can proclaim for sure that this run will be slower than my previous 5 mile run. But miles in the bank will surely facilitate a stronger finish at the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morn.
 At this time, I would like to wish the Amarillo High Sandstorm good fortune in their playoff match against the Lubbock High Westerners tomorrow evening. The Traditional Wing T Formation of marching that is used by Amarillo should surely find them great success against the Westerners. I wish I could attend the event in person, but I will be playing with the minstrels this weekend so my moderately untalented services will be needed in the burg of Frisco. I feel with great confidence that the Amarillo instructors will have their flugelhorners fully prepared and that their choice to wear exotic thongery will inspire their students to an exciting victory! And to show my support I will also wear exotic thongery for my endeavors this weekend!

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