Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Run on the River....

With a raging fever and frequent Frugelhornery limiting my runs last week, I ventured to a park near my office of employment after work to embark on a 5 mile adventure along the Trinity River Trail. The trail was sparsely populated and I felt as if it was just me and the river (and whatever was floating in it of unbeknownst origins).
My pace was fairly quick for me and I decided that I will see if finishing in 50 minutes was feasible. At 2.5 miles, I turned around and headed back to the starting point. At mile 4, my timepiece stated that I had been running for 41 minutes. A 9 minute mile on my last mile would indeed be a challenge for my lacking fitness, but I gamely kept moving as fast as I could manage in hopes that my efforts would seize the day!
As I approached my vehicle at the conclusion, I looked at my timepiece and it stated 51 minutes & 4 seconds. And more disappointedly, it stated 4.95 miles. My logic and meager calculation skills dictate that if Point A to B is 2.5 miles, the reciprocal should also be 2.5 miles. Evidently my calculations skills are indeed lacking. After cursing loudly, I got inside my vehicle and contemplated the whereabouts of the missing .05 miles. The only workable conclusions that I could surmise were the following:
1. The curvature of the earth and it's rotation spinning towards me caused the finish line to move up .05 miles
2. I entered a Distance Wormhole
3. A combination of the 2
Either way, I will not tarry too long with such complex physics calculations. If had such skills in my possession, I would surely not be writing this blog but instead be traveling through time with a trusty band of Ninja Monkeys.
Tonight's plan is to run an easy 3 mile jaunt again along the Trinity. And perhaps tonight my distance will not be shortened by enviromenta phenomena!
I have attached a few photos the Ft. Worth skyline on last night's run. Besides the floating carcasses in the river, the Nutria trying to splash me and the sounds of coyotes, it is quite fun to run this trail and watch the traffic congestion on I-30 & I-35 and observe the road rage from a safe distance.

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