Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Weekend Trail Run Accomplished!

With an afternoon of the work phone looming in front of me, I felt it only appropriate to head to Cedar Hill State Park armed with a pens and work papers stuffed in my Fanny Pack of Fun with 2 water bottles for hydration purposes ready to handle any obstacle that appeared before me. The weather was outstanding with the temperature a sunny 74 degrees and plenty of daylight left to attempt the 7.5 mile Blue Loop .
I considered staying on the short loop and doing laps, but I was harboring a desire to get out a little bit to avoid the crowds that generally stay on the short loop. My plan was a success and I was only interrupted by workage calls during the first mile. I was pleased that the appropriate materials was stuffed in my Fanny Pack of Fun and handled these issues with surprising efficiency.
The trail was at times densely populated but my manuevering skills made their impact on my run minimal except for the large group of Asians who were predominantly pushing their bikes and made me feel like I was watching a parade pass by. At least they apologized for their slowness and I was able to continue my jaunt through the park with great enthusiasm.
Today I was able to total 7.5 miles and feel pleased that I had some energy left at the end of the run despite this being the beginning of my resurgence into the world of running. This week will surely be a challenge to get quality miles in, but I have contingency plans in place. I look forward to putting them in place to continue my quest for a last place finish in March.
Now it is time to prepare to watch the Dallas Cowboys Football Club continue their dreadful display of football!

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