Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cedar Ridge Revisited vs Thunderstorm

I knew getting in a run after work was going to be a challenge today. Bad thunderstorms were getting close and I-30 wasn't much of a help on the way home. I wanted to get a long run in because I am heading to New Orleans this weekend so i doubt I will get a good opportunity for my long (really short for non-DFL's) run this weekend.
Under compressed conditions, I opted for Cedar Ridge Preserve. With the storm approaching, I decided to snap a shot of the approaching clouds. And took off. With the wind picking up, this run was going to be more like a sprint thru the trail than a lazy jog.
I made it about a mile in and hit the pond (pictured) pretty quick, but I remembered the run back from last night with Branden and the technical trail that was ahead of me. Plus the trail was actually kind of crowded and I was getting advanced storm updates from Mom (which included hail). I received lots of weird stares from people I passed on the trail. Maybe they didn't realize that if they don't hurry, they were soon to be shelled with baseball sized hail. I personally try to avoid getting hit in the head by hail and I regretfully left my helmet at work (but amazingly remembered my drool bucket). Go figure. The drool bucket, while a little wet, makes a good helmet and I wore it proudly on my head.
I finished with a total of 2.5 miles in just under 30 minutes. But there were a few interruptions with weather reports from Mom. Thanks Mom! It's better to run again tomorrow then to be concussed by hail today (even though the drool bucket would have worked fine).
And I apologize to Branden for beating our time from yesterday. But I was putting on a display of extreme average agility on the back mile.
Sweet! Live. Love. DFL!

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