Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cedar Ridge w/ Branden!

Tonight I decided to hit Cedar Ridge with my son Branden who starts summer football camp on Monday morning (@ 6:30am - evil laugh). Branden wanted to do some sprint work on the football field, but I suggested that why run on a flat field when we can work more leg muscles running on a trail. I didn't think he would fall for it (he has a 4.2 GPA), but somehow my lack of logic worked.
We arrived @ Cedar Ridge right @ 7:30pm. The preserve was pretty crowded but at least it was reasonably cool for a June night (you can see his enthusiasm in the 1st picture)!
We decided on an easy to moderate trail and I was very proud of him for making me follow him (he knows me too well...). We were doing great on time and pace until we got 20 yards in. That's when we had to take our first water break. After 20 more yards we hit the sign telling us we made it to the start of the trail. Another water break was needed. Sweet! 40 yards and I am well hydrated! That never happens!
After a few wrong turns and 5 water breaks we made it to another place where we could make a wrong turn. So obviously we took that turn because it looked technical and painful. At this time I had counted 64 This Is Stupid Dad comments. I discontinued the This Is Stupid Dad comments because they were starting to blend into one comment with the No Way comments. It sounded like This Is Way No Stupid Dad and then a tree would be run into. This is actually great training for blocking large defensive tackles, but kids these days obviously don't understand my great wisdom. I'm sure his heavy breathing was pure elation at getting to spend time with me (not fatigue) and could have been affecting his ability to verbally acknowledge my wisdom.
After 26 more stops and about 78 indiscernible comments from him of which most of them were directed at me praising my great ideas and his thankfulness, we cleared the trees and made it out of the trail. To toughen the workout, Branden bear crawled (or something similar - more like a crawl but sounded like a bear) to the car. This guy is awesome! He gets it!
Total mileage - 2.5
Total Time - 35 mins 17 seconds
Total Curses - 145
Quality Time with Son - arguably infinite!

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