Sunday, June 10, 2012

North Shore Long Run (yeah right)

I headed out to North Shore this evening to attempt 10 miles. But true to my goal of underachievement, I got in between 6-7 miles (off trail and GPS issues). I have decided that in order for me to go DFL (see yesterday's post), I need to work harder on my endurance. I believe in order to DFL I need to avoid a DNF (Did Not Finish). But considering that I was out fishing last night and got home @ 4am, I thought I did a great job of not meeting expectations. I do need to point out that Branden (my son) out DFL'd me in our fishing competition on the lake due to his new found skill of hooking fish but not getting them in the boat because they got unhooked (or he would get them in the boat and they would slap me in the leg causing minor blood loss to my lower extremities). I was totally out fishing trip DFL'd by a 17 year old. Due to lack of sleep, I was not able to head to North Shore until 6pm.
The first 2 miles went great. I even came upon a cool sign at 2 miles (pictured below). That sign is awesome because I know God supports my quest to finish DFL.
After that things got a little scary. I was concerned about losing sunlight and my goal was to make about 5 miles and head back to Rockledge Park for a 10 mile total. I think I got within a mile of the MADD station turn around, but it was starting to get dark so I did a very ungraceful u-turn and headed back. I did get to cross come creeks and see a suggestion box (pictured below). Here's a suggestion! How about a snow cone stand? I also took a random picture which at this time is unexplainable.
After about 1-1.5 hours, I crawled back to the gate and decided that I had enough failure for one day!
There will be plenty of opportunities to embarrass myself later and I had fresh caught fish to eat. Sweet!

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