Saturday, June 9, 2012

New Concept....

In keeping consistent with the philosophy of this blog, I have hence forth dedicated myself to be DFL (Dead F...... Last) in every race I enter. I have little talent. My chances of winning a race are minimal. Let the fast people duke it out. I know people are scared to DFL. Well don't worry. I will take that fear off your hands. If you are afraid you will DFL, let me know! Pay my racing fee and I will gladly DFL so you won't have to! Any race! Any time! The reason I am doing this is because I care. Plus I think it takes more effort and talent to DFL. It becomes strategic! A well timed trip to the porta-potty (whether needed or not) or a simulated shoe tie are 2 of the many weapons in my arsenal!
The Ultra-Idiot is taking DFL to the next level. Back of the Packers Beware! I have arrived!

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