Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Long Run Shortened ....

After a deliberate study of my weekly plan, it became apparent that I was slightly ahead of schedule this week and The Plan's 4 mile jaunt would need to be adjusted to a shorter 2.5 miles in order to keep my lack of mileage under some form of reasonable control. I decided that Cedar Ridge Preserve, with its intense and steep pathery would be an excellent choice so I departed for the familiar preserve with the temperature showing a chilled 100 degrees.
The run itself felt like a brisk affair despite the intense technical paths that indeed presented a worthy challenge. My legs were still quite stiff from my previous runs, but I found them responding to almost 50% of my requests and with little consequence, I emerged from the trailhead in a state of near consciousness.
After drying off from my efforts, I embarked on my journey home as eagerly anticpated watching a portion of the Olympics hoping I would get at least a decent amount of inspiration from the elite athletes who are blessed to be competing. As I headed to my destination, I pondered whether my efforts would have any affect on my race in November. I am certainly making some feeble progress but my mileage is not near what will be needed in order to successfully DFL in the future. At least I can look forward with lacking confidence to an increase in mileage in the coming weeks that will no doubt give me a clear indication as to whether my body is ready for such a challenge. And with the temperature set to rise to near Amarillo-esque proportions, the weeks ahead will indeed present a test of my fortitude and dedication. For now, I will feast on banana split ice cream and detach myself from my future training endeavors.
I have included a summary of this week's follies and hope that those of you keeping track of my progress in your ledgers at home will find these statistics entertaining.

Total Miles Planned: 21.5
Total Miles Completed: 21.3
Total Miles Pursued by a Man With Possibly Unpure Intentions - 1
Total Times a Bicycle Enthusiast Was Heard Cursing Loudly After Crashing: 1
Total Coyote Incidents: 1
Total Unintentional Runs Clothed in Leedenhosiery - 1
Total Gastric Events on Runs - 0

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