Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Unexpected Mud Run

With my work duties in a semi-state of calmness after much activity, I felt inspired to attempt a run after supper's meal. A brief yet intense summer squall put the fate of the run in question, but the skies cleared as I pulled into Cedar Ridge Preserve and I felt with some confidence that my run would be completed with little complication.
As I began the run, I silently celebrated the cooler temperatures and was quite pleased that I surprisingly had a hop in my step that I had been missing since my surgery. Unfortunately my hop became more of an unorganized shuttle. The trails were inundated with mud due to the previous storm. Mentally noting that I had some experience with running in mud, I forged ahead but knew that the boggy conditions would prohibit me from running any great distances. The mud became such a hindrance that each step was accompanied by scraps of mud flinging about in resemblance of a diarrhea cannon. Frequent stops to scrape my shoes clean were needed in order to traverse even the easiest of trail sections. However, I was pleased that at least I would get a limited amount of work in and happily skipped along slowly with enthusiasm and gayness.
The final tally was a paltry 2.3 miles. Not near the 7 miles total I had hoped for, but at least I was satisfied with my fortune of accomplishing any training at all. Additionally, I surmised that it takes great dedication to finish DFL and this run did not in any way hurt my chances of doing so!
And with great pride I would like to announce that I have worked out a sound strategy that will all but ensure my chances of finishing DFL come November hence. I will share this strategy with all my loyal readers soon. But firstly I wish to finalize my plan so that I can present it to you confidently and with great pride.
I have attached a couple of photographs to give some detail of tonight's run and sincerely wish that they give you some enjoyment. One is a photograph of me headbanded in the Necessary Room upon run completion. The headband performed a satisfactory job of keeping my eyes clear of sweat and I am pleased with its performance, as well as it making me appear as a lead singer of Loverboy. I also captured a photograph of my shoes AFTER I cleaned them before leaving. This will give you, the reader, a clear picture of the conditions of which challenged me this evening!
My total miles this week totaled a flaccid and feeble 10.6. With my quest to finish DFL, I know that I will need to increase my mileage this coming week and look forward with great hope that I will able to achieve many disastrous runs in the next 7 days!

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