Monday, July 30, 2012

Awakened by Glorious Tidings

 Since today is a much needed day of rest from training, I normally do not post on this blog in order to give my faithful readers time to contemplate my previous blogery. But upon receiving a receiving an encouraging transmission early this morning, I felt compelled to mention a bit of most glorious news.
 It appears that a most worthy and just crew of Frugelhorn Instructors have gathered in the municipality of San Antonio to discuss the most current trends in Frugelhorn marching formations and costumery. My heart has swelled with emotion with the knowledge that these robust and manly of men are working diligently to expand the current knowledge base of Frugelhorn techniques. And such dedication surely should not be unnoticed for their transmission came to me at 1 in the morning! To think that these lively and raucous gentelman are working late into the night vigorously discussing profound ways to improve marching formations is indeed inspiring! I thank these gentleman profusely for inspiring me to work with greater energy with our own young Fruglehorn players here in my fair city! I hope that in a few years that my very own offspring will be able to join them as an ally in the advancement of Frugelhornery if he so chooses to do so. Few things would make me prouder!
 At this time, I urge the young coaches in San Antonio to take the time to enjoy the scenic city and to make some time for relaxation and folly for few cities offer such intoxicating amenities as San Antonio.  I might suggest Dirty Nellies as a nice establishment to visit if one is inclined to enjoy refreshing libations and sing alongery in a darkened peanut shelled filled saloon along the refreshing Riverwalk. Additionally the nearby township of Bandera offers many challenging trails to pursue the sporting life, but please be cautioned of the pistolet duels that often occur on the town's main thoroughfair.
 Good tidings to all and to the dedicated gathering in San Antionio, I wish them a most adventerous day!

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