Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gateway's Mysteries Yet Unsolved

Run #3 Post Surgery
After the near deadly fall into an increasingly raging torrent the day before, I was resolved to complete today's journey with minimal consequences. My employer has dispatched me to work through the weekend and I fear that the lack of time will prohibit me from any intentional running on days to come.
Before I left the trailhead at the wonderfully gay Gateway Park, I spent many valuable seconds studying the map I had previously allocated. Perhaps with great deliberations, I would be able to recollect from whence my wrong turn occurred the night before and with great luck I could correct the misfortunate disaster that nearly took place one day past and no more.
After folding the map neatly in my pocket, I took off with great courage to run 4 miles and to avoid running off a cliff scaring not families of innocent creatures.
Fortunately for myself I approached a group of mustached enthusiasts on mountain bikes near mile one and I was able to follow them for a brief way. With this unscheduled turn of events, I would surely be able to avoid certain off-trail catastrophes and would be able to complete my jaunt.
It is with deep regret that i report that I evidently missed a goodly portion of the trail because within a brief 33 minutes more I was nearing the trail's end! I checked my timepiece and and I had only run 2 and 4 tenths miles! What great mysteries this trail breeds that appear beyond my capability to unravel. My ancient maps must be incorrect! Yet I am determined with great vigilance to crack the code that befuddles me.
Despite the fact that my run was greatly shortened due to map inaccuracies, which I'm quite certain were probably placed in my hands by enemies, I feel somewhat pleased that I kept my pace very minimal. This will no doubt be able to prepare me for last place success!
This weekend coming forth, I will not greatly record my running mis-adventures due to work obligations.
I bid all a great weekend! Please do not wish me a good weekend. Because of my work duties, it will feel like a humiliating kick to the nether regions!

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