Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Point of No Return....

This very day will for ever live in infamy to me. For this is the day I officially registered myself for the Rockledge Rumble that will take place on the 10th day of the 11th month of this very year. After taking a cursory glance at the information provided for the race, it was quite apparent that the race is nearing capacity. After quick deliberation, I determined that immediate action was in order for me to secure a spot for only 30 spots were yet taken. And these spots were for the 50K event thus I will not have the option of running a shorter race which well could have been the intelligent decision to make had I such a choice. None the less, I am officially registered and consequently my training has taken on a more serious nature so that my desire to DFL will be successful.
With this in mind and additionally a potentially busy weekend approaching, I adjusted my plan to allow an increase in mileage with fewer runs in case I must forfeit a run this weekend. This shall consist of 2 runs of 5 miles on the familiar road passages after Flugelhorn practice and 2 trail runs that will total 18 miles. This will be a significant challenge especially taking into consideration that my trail run tomorrow may be in temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. I will put forth my best effort and with any fortune I will be writing this blog on Thursday's eve from my own bed and not from an infirmary.
The first run of my adjusted plan began tonight at the conclusion of a heated Flugelhorn practice that started with temperature resting at a comfortable 106 degrees. The young players displayed great effort despite the temperature and at the conclusion of our marches I took off on my jaunt with great zeal that I quite confidently can state was partially motivated by my race registration and also my desire to eat chocolate ice cream upon my return home. With these motivators pushing me manically on, I completed the run in just under 1 hour. I write this blog now with a belly full of chocolate ice cream and Gatorade (sponsorship opportunties again present themselves) feeling ever more confident that my chances of a successful last place finish are increasing in possibility.
I shall approach the next 5 days with great courage and energy. And I pray that though my talent is quite limited, my stupidity and energy will see me through successfully. Tomorrow's run will be at Gateway Park where there very well may be runners whom are motivated by desires other than physical fitness and a life of sporting leisure. Thus I am prepared to be on full alert and sincerely wish that the heat will discourage any potential debaucherous mis-adventure at my expense! May my posterior not be inviting come tomorrow....

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