Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Break from the Routine....

As I left my humble office today, I was prepared to rush home and enjoy a 7 minute meal before leaving for marching practice with the Flugelhorn students. However I received a communication from our leader that our fair and just City Officials decided that all organized outdoor activities were to be cancelled due to excessive heat. The temperatures had risen to 106 degrees F and I am pleased that precautionary measures were taken to ensure the health of our younger citizens.
I, however, traveled to the marching field @ 6:30pm to route the young enthusiasts that were present back home to ensure their safety. Only one team member arrived. Thus I quickly dispatched him out of harm's way. I would bet that many of the players were able to find out early about the cancellation and were able to communicate the the unwelcome news through any number of social media options that are so prevalent in today's society. I am sure that they missed me and are praying that tomorrow's practice is not cancelled. Of this I am quite sure.
Upon leaving the marching field, I went straight to an establishment to get a much needed trim of my hair which appeared to be getting a mind of its own. After the cutting of my hair was complete, I walked next door to a general store to buy a new shirt and some lighter shorts to run in. Of this objective I was quite successful.
I decided that waiting to run until 9pm tonight would be a sensible decision. Thus after the trim and brief shopping excursion was complete, I went home to rest and to prepare myself for my run. I studied some ancient maps and quicky mapped a hearty 5 mile run around the neighborhood.
Shortly after 9pm CST, my run began and I noticed some lagging soreness and fatigue from my previous training. I concluded that I would start out slow (as if I knew of any other speed) and would see how I felt after 1 or 2 miles. After my first mile was completed, I noticed that the pace was faster than I expected and I felt that with a minimal effort I would be able to match or better Tuesday's slow sprint. I slowed slightly on miles 2 and 3 but when I reached the 4th mile, I began a a kick that would have indeed made a practioner of sumo wrestling almost jealous. My route took me on the street behind my domicile where a stray canine jumped out at me just 60 cubics from my finish! The ferocious beast was barking loudly and seemed to be intent on attacking my heels. I found it such a distraction that I stopped and faced the dog and began walking towards the devil in hopes of discouraging this unwarranted attack. The dog was relentless in its attackery! It refused to yield! So with no chance of peaceful escape, I prepared myself for battle and told the demon that I accept its challenge and if battle is its desire, then I announced myself quite the ready for it! I rose my hands up to challenge this hairy opponent to a match of Man to Beast fisticuffs. I hopped back and forth on each foot in a most nimble manner and with my hands fisted, I rotated each fist back and forth in front of me to display my great skills.The canine bully was obviously frightened or confused by my actions and quickly dispatched himself back to his hiding place with no further incident. I am convinced that this brutal attack was orchestrated by my DFL foes to distract me from my training. I would think that it would better serve my enemies to train more instead of spending time devising devious plans that are poorly conducted and have little effect on my stringent dedication!
And I am pleased to announce that dispite my brief interlude in combat, I beat Tuesday's time by an impressive 12 seconds!

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