Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Much Day of Rest and a Vampirism Confirmation...

 I had originally planned a 5 mile jaunt through Cedar Ridge Preserve on Wednesday evening, but by lunch time yesterday it was quite obvious that I was in no condition to attempt any form of activity that would require even a minute amount of concentration. I was apparently in such a state of fatigue that even co-workers were questioning my health. I looked back at the amount of sleep I had been able to undertake for the previous 3 evenings and could not count more than 12 hours total. I decided that rest would be the best decision I could fathom and managed to get 8 hours and a half more last night. And I feel much better for it.
 To adjust my running schedule, I have concluded that the best option would be to run 6 miles on Friday after Frugelhornery and then arise early on Saturday to train at Cedar Hill State Park for 11 miles and one half more of heat induced running. I feel it will be a tough turn around, yet it is imperative that I establish consistent long runs on the weekends, despite whatever circumstances offer impedence.
 Upon further reflection on my Vampire Run, I have concluded without a doubt that I was in fact visited by a Vampire on Tuesday evening. That would explain my drastic energy drain the day following for Vampires are known as Drainers of Energy as well as of Blood!
 Additionally, I recalled that the Being that ran with me stated that he attended the same school that my son attended. Thus I gave my son an accurate description (or as accurate as I could considering the darkened circumstances) and my son declared alas he had never heard of such a person! It would make logical sense that a Vampire would not actually attend a public school since they have a strong aversion to sunlight and thus would miss all their classes (unless they attended a Vampire School). Vampires are known to bear false witness against their victims and this Vampire dispatched lies as easily as he dispatches his victims. He must have known a man of my apparent means would validate all information given to me. But he knew by the time I would be able to do so, his deadly craft would have already been used against me. Obviously, my crafty foes hatched this sinister plot to weaken me. But I declare to them that once they may have temporarily weakened me, but I am now even more motivated to DFL!
 Their attacks against me have increased in number over the recent weeks so I feel that my training efforts are increasing their fear of me. Who is to know what the next attack against me will entail? For I have been attacked by wolves and now the Undead. What means do they have to achieve such evil?
 As I train, I am sure they create more hazordous plots against me as they gather in a candle lit room hatching more plots of sinistry. But I fear not and will be adequately prepared to remain alert to foil their plans all the more! Fear not for me but for them I declare!  

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