Monday, August 6, 2012

A Disruptive Return to the Grind....

 Normally after Flugelhorn marchery on Monday, I look forward to the transport home after practice due to the fact that The Plan specifically forbids me from running on Monday. I use this time with fellow marching instructors to discuss the progress of our young marchers and also to assess whether our plan to ensure our path to mediocrity is on schedule. But after receiving a phone call today, I was forced to make some adjustments to my weekly schedule to make time for rehearsal on Thursday forthcoming with a band of minstrels I perform with. We are scheduled to perform this coming weekend and lo we have not performed together in some time. Hence I will be with the minstrels and not the young marchers on Thursday. To allow for me to get adequate mileage in this week, I plan to do my weekly runs Monday thru Wednesday and then return to longer runs on the weekend. Thus I ran, or rather planned to run this evening.
 The initial plan was to run around 5 miles and after 1 mile, to my great surprise, my pace was consistent with the pacing of last week's runs. Perhaps the days off allowed for my body recuperate. Unfortunately after I appoached Mile 2 Hill, a work situation occurred that required my immediate attention. Hence I was forced to walk for a short while as I discussed this situation with an associate. This matter of great concern would require more of my attention upon my return home. And either a lightining storm was approaching from the north or wizards were in intense throes of battle. Thus my planned 5 miles was shortened to 4 miles . Additionally, traffic was extremely busy (I gather this was due to the slightly cooler temperatures - it was in the lower to mid 90's) and I needed to arrive at home as quickly as possible to conclude my work issue in a timely manner. With the traffic and work phone calls, I was forced to stop altogether on several occasions to watch for motorists and to handle the afore mentioned work situation. With all the stoppage, I struggled to find a true pace that I felt comfortable with and my time suffered for the cause of it. Nonetheless, I finished the miles in around 45 minutes which is about 4 minutes slower than my initial subjective.
 I will not let this run be a discouragement to me however. I feel there is no such thing as a bad run unless there is injury involved or you are indeed caught by the law enforcement. Surely I jest!
 The first run of the week is always the most difficult to begin so I plan to use the momentum I gained from staying true to my weekly mileage plan and will indeed live, if fortunate, to run again on the morrow.
 I took no still photographs on tonight's run due to the distractions and my eagerness to aid a work associate in need, But will make every effort to make up for the lack of photography in the near future if you so desire.
 I have received no emails concerning volunteers for traversing the race course with me while driving the temporary Necessasry Module behind me. So I feel that obviously there must be some type of email malfunction for surely by now supporters would be lining up for such opportunity! If no supporters are found, I plan to use a family of Gypsies as a workable substitute, though I will always be in fear that they will take off with my temporary facility and will never hear of them again. Never pay gypsies in advance for their assistance. The are likely to suddenly disappear.
 But alas there is always the morrow  and the Prince of DFL is prepared for battle!

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