Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Experience That Defies Explanation....

As run number 2 of Monster Week began at the conclusion of Flugelhorn practice, my legs felt semi-recovered form last night's excursion and an element of excitement filled the air. For this night I decided to test my belt system for the first time. It has 2 compartments for holding hydration bottles on the side and 2 storage compartments between them for holding whatever sundry items that may be of need such as nutrition, cellular communication devices and small mammals. Some might see it and think it a pack of fannery, but I refer to it as my Party Pack. For its inaugural run, it held my wallet, one water bottle and initially my phone.
Most of the first mile consisted of me tightening the belt, loosening the belt, putting the storage compartments on my posterior side and then finally on my front side which allowed for an easier reach to access my water bottle should it be needed. Despite all the adjusting of the Party Pack, my pace was still consistent with my runs from the previous week. This pleased me greatly so I looked forward to the next 5 miles.
As hit the the beginning of Mile 2 Hill (which after careful research I discovered that Mile 2 Hill actually begins at the completion of mile 2 so it could really be called Mile 3 Hill but I will still refer to it as Mile 2 Hill because it arrives at the completion of mile 2 thus mile 2 is only referred to at that time in a historical sense) I suddenly noticed a long haired young man next to me. His appearance came upon me quite suddenly and I was somewhat startled. He asked for my permission to let him run with me for a portion of my run and since he seemed like a decent young man, I granted him permission and we approached the upcoming hill in unison as we introduced ourselves and discussed the logistics of the rest of the run. He would stay with me for 2 miles and then head to the south while I would head north at the predetermined juncture of the run. He seemed to be well versed with the course and appeared to be much faster than me, which did not cause me great discourse because I have little need for speed to reach my lowly objective. He, on the other hand, stated that he ran competitively on a local cross country team. thus speed is a very vital component of his training.
At this time I felt poorly for slowing this skilled runner down and stated my apologies for being not as nimble at foot as he obviously was. But he waved my disappointment off and stated that he was having a decent time running and that pleased him so.
We continued at a brisker pace than I really desired, but soon enough we were at the juncture where our journeys would part different directions and we wished each other great fortune in our future endeavors and thusly split up and continued on our seperate paths.
As I headed north, I realized that I had been in deep conversation for the last 2 miles and at a quicker than desired pace than I expected, thus I was nearly out of breath and quite thirsty. At this time I decided that my overall objective was to run far and not fast. To stay consistent with this objective, I walked for half a mile to reduce my fatigue and to hydrate myself to an adequate state.
As I pondered the last last 2 miles, I began to wonder if this young man was actually a young man at all. His sudden appearance on me and his manner seemed to be slightly abnormal for a modern young man. He mentioned that he enjoyed poetry and wanted to study at Oxford, which is quite unusual for a young man of these times. His running gait also appeared to be slightly unnatural as well his running attire. I began to consider the possibility that perhaps this young man was a, I am nearly afraid to say this for it may seem impossible, spirit or ghost! In disbelief I contemplated the evidence before me:
1. He seemed to appear from nowhere
2. He professed a love of poetry and philosphy
3. He desired to attend Oxford University
4. His chosen attire of a t-shirt, baggy shorts and running shoes (to the best of my knowledge) did not
appear consistent with those of a modern high school athlete (of which I am highly familiar with)
5. His running gait was not a natural gait in the least and appeared quite gangly, yet very fast.
With the evidence I have just presented, would you yourself not be in the least bit suspicious?
If not a ghost, he surely could have been a vampire (which then I should feel very fortunate that I was not attacked and my very blood drained from my body - perhaps my cross necklace saved my life). He appeared too fast and coherent to be a zombie. Even if he was in the infant stages of zombiefication. Plus, the fact that the consumption of my brain did not seem to concern him in the least. Thus I conclude that I should consider the fact that I was visited by a young vampire who was night running for pleasure and who must have recently fed so that his appetite was, at the moment, content. If he is indeed a vampire, then he appeared to be of the lonely sort so I can safely draw the following conclusion:. Either there is not a large and thriving vampire community in my fair burg, or he has been cast out from the local covens.
None the less, this event will take further contemplation on my part to draw a logical explanation and I intend to do so at my next available leisure.
At the risk of causing any speculative alarm, I will discuss this no further and continue with the conclusion of my run. After my brief walk, I began to run again and finished feeling somewhat strong. My final time of 56:48, though slow for vampires, was quite consistent with my runs of the same distance from the previous week. Even with the brief walking break,
Tomorrow's run will be a 6 mile trail run at Cedar Ridge and I am sure that more walking will be needed on that challenging course. I must remember that it is not about the speed, but the distance that is important.
As I surround my bed chambers with garlic, I pray that I will rest peacefully.....

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