Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting the Trail Legs Back....

 With sore legs after last night's weakened slog home after Flugelhornery, I looked forward to testing the trail legs at Gateway Park after my workly duties were completed today. With no rain in the area since yesterday afternoon, I was hopeful that the trail would be open and dry enough to get some decent work in with the weather slightly cooperative for the skies were clear skies and the temperature rested at a humid 91 degrees . With great joy and celebration, the trail appeared open and I began my journey with enthusiasm and jubilant merriment. The parking lot was scarcely populated so my concerns about being stalked and approached by men with less than pure intentions quickly faded. Last night I was metaphorically spanked by Mile 2 Hill on my run home and I had no intentions of being involuntarily spanked by manly means on this night (if rumors about some of the fitness enthusiasts in this park are accurate and an experience in this park recently did little to dispel such rumors). Nonetheless, I took off from the trailhead opportunistic that my run would be successful and pleased that my recent concerns were purely imaginative given the lack of potential perpetrators in the near vicinity.
  My opportunism soon vanished as my legs displayed great reluctance to appear athletic within any stretch of the imagination due to the stiffness from last night's run. Though I mentally attacked the trail with aggressive determination, my legs were very slow to respond to most of my requests and the tightening in my upper legs made me fearful of injury. Thus I decided that a run of any decent length would due more harm than good so I convinced myself that 1 loop through the trail would adequately work my stiff legs which had not recently experienced the technical challenges of any trail running. Other factors weighed in this decision as well. My evening schedule was not as clear as I previously thought with extra errands needing to be completed in a timely manner upon my run's completion. Thus with great disappointment I exited the trail after one brief loop of 2.68 miles.
 Tomorrow's run will be 4-6 miles and then this weekend I will courageously attempt a 10-15 mile skirmish on Saturday followed by 9 mile hackery on Sunday. I will need to get my fitness back as quickly as possible to regain the momentum needed to get back on schedule. For at the end of this week I will have but 9 weeks left to train before I embark on my race adventure and quest to finish DFL.
 It would be easy to be disenchanted with my quest and if I appear in such a manner, do not be discouraged or uneasy about my affairs. I am stubbornly motivated and will take whatever actions that are needed to cross the finish line after all others. Of this I am extremely confident!

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