Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Highly Anticpated Run That is Cancelled

 I eagerly looked forward to an enegertic 6 mile jaunt after Flugelhorn practice on Tuesday eve. I felt somewhat satisfied that my training and DFL strategy implementation were placing me in a state of near confidence and that I had a decent chance of successfully reaching my objectives. 
 However, a look to the north quickly dashed my hopes of a decent run. A highly electrical storm was fast approaching and the forbidding clouds darkened my hopes of any safe training on this night. The storm approached with such speed that we had to clear the young Flugelhorners from the field due to near by lightning strikes.
 After the young enthusiasts were dispatched to their parents, the instructors quickly followed. The violent lightning strikes created a surreal, apocalyptcal scene that caused me great fear. Thus I agreed with the recommendations of my fellow instructors that our lives were surely in danger and that the seeking of immediate shelter would be a prudent decision.
 The storm as passed now and I feel that my chances of running on Wednesday night are quite good. Hence I hope that the cooler temperatures that ushered in such atmospheric violence the previous night will motivate me to train in a hardy and robust manner this coming night.
 I shall report my success at the conclusion of my run tonight and would hope that my loyal readers following my progress from their homes will encourage me to be at least moderately successful.
 Until tonight, I wish you a great day and that all of you create your own daily masterpieces!

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