Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Miscalculation Improves Speed

Tonight's running plan looked very solid on paper as I plotted out the prospective course on my parchment with my favorite feather quill. The evening began at the local high school where I would pick up my son and then we planned to attend a planned Flugelhorn Instructor's Certification together. I would drive to certification from the local high school and then run the 4-6 miles home for my son would be able to ride home with my brother who had also planned to attend the certification process. Flugelhorn Instructors take certification very seriously and seeing the many Instructors in attendance made it a pleasant affair, though competition among marching teams is always very heated, especially the first week of the marching season. While we Instructors share a commom fondness of Flugelhorns and all that it implies, the icy stairs between Instructors created a freezing undercurrent that only can be warmed on the field during the heated battle of competitions. Our first competition will be this coming Saturday and not one Instructor feels that their players are ready. I feel that the Instructors are just as nervous as the players!
 After the certification was complete, my son joined my brother and they began their journey home and I prepared for the run. After stopping by my vehicle to get my hydration belt, I started to run out of the parking lot. I looked back at my vehicle briefly then stopped suddenly! If I was to run home, then how would I get my vehicle back to the domicile? What a shocking display of planning! For hark! Alas! I would still need to somehow get my vehicle home. I surely could not run and drive at the same time! I thought briefly of running 1.75 miles away from the vehicle then returning to the vehicle with a textbook Out and Back Adjustment for my planned distance this evening was 3.5 miles! But then my vehicle would be unattended and would be left quite ripe for sabotage. It could very well be that my running foes are secretly allied with the Instructors. Thus I changed my plan and drove to my abode and then I could get miles in around the neighborhood where my vehicle would be protected from foulery.
 After I arrived home, I plotted a new course that would total 4.4 miles of flat road road running. The flatness would give me an opportunity to increase my speed and the extra .9 miles would put me ahead of my weekly total. This plan was briefly celebrated and then I embarked on my run. I began running confident in my energy level but slightly disappointed in my earlier logistical management, which was severely lacking any intelligent forethought.
 Nonetheless, my run began at a brisk pace and I soon could tell I was in the midst of a a run of epic proportions! The few days off since my long run on Saturday had apparently given my legs some much needed rest and I was running as fast as I ever run this course. I kept waiting for the throes of fatigue to tackle me and stop me dead in my tracks. But hark my speed never decreased! I found myself not jogging, but actually running as if the wind was carrying me through the streets. As I passed potential thuggery gathered on the street corners drinking large containers of apparent imbibery, I exclaimed loudly "I am the wind! I am the wind!" The silence that followed was an obvious sign of intimidation.
  Soon I was on the backstretch of my run, striding ever harder when the pacekeeper on my cellular communications device told me dryly that I had reached 3.0 miles. Evidently I miscalculated the route! I finished at 3.1 miles instead of the intended 4.4! Another logistical miscalculation has risen before me! I was in a state of great dispair as I stopped in the yard of my domicile and silently cursed the state of my self-imposed affairs. But alas, creative cursage would only pull me deeper into dispair. Thus I pulled myself out of my neighbor arousing tantrum and quietly entered my abode. I could let this affair dampen my spirit, but I shall not! I at least completed a run in which my pace was faster than expected. For this I will be pleased and will use my miscalculations today as a lesson to take more time in my planning. A lesson learned indeed!
 Tomorrow's run will consist of a 4-6 mile jaunt home after Frugelhorn rehearsal and of this route I am quite sure that I shall not defeat myself with unintelligent planning!
 I am the Wind!

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