Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Surprising Return After a Brief Interlude....

I give my sincerest apologies for not reporting an account of my affairs over the last week. Due to increased demands from work and a significant amount of attention needed by the young Flugelhorn players, I was not able to work on my fitness for a week's time. With great fortune I was able to not only schedule but complete a run tonight which caused me great despair throughoust this day. I was indeed overly concerned that my fitness level had decreased in a week's time to such a state that even a marginal jaunt would be cumbersome and sickly. Hence I concluded that I would test my current capacity with a lazy and slothfully paced 5 mile excursion through the neighborhood.
To my surprise the begiining of the run was quite easy and I reached the one mile mark with little to report and at a pace of 10 minutes and 20 seconds. I felt even somewhat refreshed thus I decided to concentrate on my breathing and not so much my running. I had a desire to see how long I would last by breathing through my nasal cavity and out of my mouth for I had read that this method of breathing allows an decreased amount of carbon dioxide build up within the lungs which facilitates more efficient running. I started this breathing method at mile number two and by mile three I was pleased enough with the results to continue doing so until I felt that any more continuance would be detrimental to my survival.
This breathing is much quieter than my normal hyperventilation method and I was surprised when I ran up on two different groups of young people who evidently had been gathering at different spots along my route to conduct in Late Summer Revelry. I felt pleased to see such young people out in the night looking to have a positive effect on our community. Surely the smell of alcohol was my imagination or some new fashionable perfume they had decided to use. I paused briefly at each group and thanked them for volunteering for the better good of our humble community and to this they were well pleased for they all stated something that sounded like "punto" and "pentejo". Though I am not conversant in the local Hispanic Dialect, I am familiar with a few common terms and I believe they were telling me that I looked well and that they wished me luck on the rest of my run. My heart was warmed by their encouragement and I continued on my journey. They must have thought I was thirsty for I heard two bottles crash behind me each time I left one of the groups. How nice of them to consider my needs! I must remember to ask them if they want to be a part of my race crew if I see them again. I would be honored to have such wholesome citizens included in my race adventure!
I was not able to continue my breathing pattern much after mile three, but my breathing after that was very relaxed so I must remember also to continue this method in the future.
To my surprise I concluded my five miles in under 54 minutes. After some searching through my records over my last ten runs, I was surprised to see I was almost 3 minutes faster than my previous runs at a distance of five miles. This alarmed me greatly for I felt surely that my week off would have a negative effect on my ability to improve. Alas this gives me great hope that my chances of DFLing are still quite good. My evil foes were not about this evening but I will remain on alert for their crafty ploys should they decide to be on the attack again.
I bid you all a good evening for it is time for me to extinguish the reading candle and begin a peaceful slumber that will prepare me adequately for the adventures that tomorrow shall bring forth.

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